Perspective of Detail

Take a look at this blog post for more information and reason for a change in theme


Up to this point, I want to entertain the possibility that I have been looking at Value too linearly. I have been looking at things we find important, what they are, and how we establish these relationships. As areas have been explored and research avenues have been exhausted I want to look at the polar opposite; What do we find unimportant, consider a space where only unimportant things exist, a face with no features or a piano with no keys, a sound with no attack, the absence of meaning details a world hidden behind which we take no notice. This is the opposite of the obvious, there must be things we do not value for us to value some things, just as something must have an alternative state for it to exist in a state in the first place. We look for things to find important and things to value but for these things to exist we have to pass what we do not value and discard them. I believe the result although non-definite could outline the difficulty I had with deciding a theme in the first place, attempting to find something that stands out and reaches to the next potential level was never the point, finding something to value was, or finding something to not value. Why did I choose this theme in the first place? It’s a difficult question to answer and if it has a definitive answer so would the question of why we value things.


Subjective importance is part of this theme, everyone’s assigned value differs and thus making out the important elements must first be objectified, let us take the human face, generally, we consider the eyes to be the most important feature as such this becomes the staple important feature. We could consider exaggerating this by making the feature more obvious in a visual sense, making the eyes larger or more colourful, Japanese artists use an art style to further this and display emotion more effectively using larger eyes in manga.



It’s sometimes hard to notice the details - perhaps that is why it’s taken me 5 weeks to reach it, with all my time spent worrying about finding something important I overlooked the thing I had been searching for.



If we are looking at my theme now from an objective standpoint, it is space between what we see and what exists.
It is the absence of sound that is made by sound, the black and white of a painting in colour. It is the premise of detail defining something that only detail can bring.
It stems from the idea of value and how by assigning a value to something, we also have to not value something else to scale.

Simplified, It’s the details we look past versus the important things we focus on.

The details can be beautiful tiny things that require an important thing to exist, without them they’d be lost.
Details serve to polish an experience or object. They serve to create something new, something that only a culmination of tiny unimportant things can do.

An example; one can draw a face with three lines, or spend a lifetime etching out the details However even after this, they’re the same thing while being completely different.

What’s not there defines what is there, it’s not about what’s not there, musical breaks are not an absence, they are part of the music, it’s a detail we look past, yet without it, although the music would still exist, it would be changed.