Art style

Developing a style within the game has been something that Ella and I have been working on since the end of Phase 3, While Ella excels in character design my field is more world and level design. As a 3D artist, I have a different perspective aided in creating a style for the game that would capture the core experience of the game

Style guide

Here's a collection of annotated images from my style guide, these are specific pages of interest that I extracted elements from and have discussions with Ella about. Full images can be found in sketchbook

3D concept art

Below I've worked on several 3D models to get an idea for the style of the game, generated from mood boards, research and concept art I did my best to imitate how I might actually go about creating the assets during development, I used my style guide and all the elements we extracted to build a series of methods to apply here, including simpler geometry that I might have used, bright colour textures and designing the assets to be viewed slightly from above due to the camera angle of the game

Below shows the progress from early blocking out to full textures and how things changed, from adding global light bouncing to add a little character to applying more ambient occlusion to pull out detail

To the right is 3d concept for the brass houses, based on utility and automation there are piping and clockwork scattered over all of there buildings, in the final version, this would be animated so that the clock faces and cogs turn, I feel that this would add any missing character to the civilisation building style.


I started on art style design because to an extent we were drifting through many ideas of how we saw the game looking and as a team I felt this wasn't always the same vision, thus I created the style guide, a series of images based on what we all liked or though we may be interested in, this also happened to work well with our game in general, from here careful annotation and discussion led to prototyping a style and into 3D concepts

Achieving style