After redirectly our core themes toward an uplifting and generally less depressing design, we opened up our game to a larger audience, partially why we chose the platform as well. With simple input that isn’t difficult to master being at the center of many mechanics, this game can appeal to children as well as adults with less experience with games, using a deep narrative design that stays relatively simple, we also draw in the middle market that are looking for something different in games. However we settled on teens as a target market, ages 14-21 however this is a game for everyone, we aim to create an experience that everyone can take something away from.

Audience profiles

I took some time to develop potential audience profiles, these are the kind of people that may play our game


Audience was something we briefly thought about when designing this game, as it had no dialogue and it not difficult to play it has become a very accessible experience, this appealing to large quantities of players, we looked at the most popular ages that use switches and how this game might appeal to players however this is a game that anyone could play

Team structure