IBM came to us and asked us to build a game in a week with their new artificial intelligence API Watson. We developed a resource management game that uses AI to interface and mange the game/events.


We split up into several smaller design committees to develop ideas to create a game idea, as a full group we communicated these ideas back, I developed the idea for a strategy/resource management game and this was developed into the idea for managing a bank. The AI would pose events and scenarios that the player would have to work with in order to run a successful bank.

I worked as a team leader managing the programmers and the artists to ensure consistency and compatibility throughout the process, I also worked directly with the Watson AI system in Unity and helped implement with the lead programmer of the core systems.

Screenshot of the finished game


Over the period of a week, we developed a fully playable experience that uses AI to interface and control the game, we fed this back at an IBM conference in London to help them further develop their AI systems.