Brass Town

Brass was the first step of development for me on the project, I wanted to get an environment done as quickly as possible to allow us to begin testing gameplay systems such as movement and camera movement. This was also the area without a definitive style down from the previous semester so I wanted to experiment with art styles and test the play area. This area had a lot of brass characteristics that I had to plan, after some consideration I decided that using splines (Vectorised 3D lines) are probably the best way to achieve this geometry. I started by asking Ella to create some rough house layouts while I got to work planning splines, after I received the concepts from Ella I was able to begin modelling. This was the point we decided not to use turnarounds for buildings or environments, Generally turnaround sheets are better used for more complicated geometry like characters/sculptures.

To create all the towns in the game I use the pipeline I outlined in semester 1, the documentation can be found here

General design features


At the time we began designing environments, we intended to implement a fast pace movement system that would allow players to jump, hop and sprint around, naturally as this began to take shape the environment adjusted accordingly, the environment space became larger and the area for players to move around also became larger. We didn’t want players crashing into buildings or walls as this would have hindered the movement and gameplay. As our movement system progressed and we ran into several issues that prevented us from building the bespoke movement system with jumps, sprints etc, we settled for a simple jog movement speed. This meant that when returning to the Brass Town, it felt sparse and empty compared with other similar areas such as the violin town. To counter this I revised the design in the most logistical way possible as I didn’t have time to re-design the area or the time to create a set of large scale assets. Instead I resized the buildings and created some small scale assets such as street lamps and benches as well as the addition of trees and plants to build the area up.


Brass collider map

3D Max render of brass town