Chapter 1

Violin town

This is environment is designed around the main characters instrument, the violin esc instrument, we broke this down into how it feels and how it feels in the narrative, we concluded that this instrument is elegant, sophisticated alludes towards skill and luxury, there are undertones of sadness in the music and the capacity for pain however as a starting area we’re focusing on the former. The origin of this instrument is Italy and this style suites the instrument perfectly as a base, in terms of environment design I wanted to look further away than the cities of Italy for inspiration, I began looking at small towns in Italy with a medattrainian kind of feel that could translate well into an environment. I looked at town’s such as  Camogli, Capri, Positano and Manarola, I liked the seaside town style as naturally the civilisations get higher up in most cases, having the first area of the environment being close to sea level makes sense on the Y axis.

For this first area, I will use these cliffside towns overlooking water as inspiration and reference, designing streets and one or two layers descending the cliffside, naturally leaving them as open as I can for players to traverse and allowing room for interaction, characters, new story elements etc. This will be an elegant small traditional town design based on 13-15 century mediterranean culture.



Dates back to the 13th century, Manarola is old latin essentially for “big wheel” referring to the large water wheel at the mill in the town. Known for fishing and winemaking as it’s a sea town. It is part of what’s called the Cinque Terre, a series of seaside towns in the Italian coastline that are known for their colourful buildings. Although remote, the Cinque Terre has become a popular destination for tourists thus losing its obscurity and secrecy thus catering more towards consumerism. However, I am more interested in the original design of the buildings and the layout of the town.

Surrounding environment:


The Violin town has arguably the most greenery unless you count the trees in the flute area, set in the most Mediterranean area in the game there is long grass, flowers, and small trees dotted through the level, this coupled with the backside of the level being a slightly inclined cliff that the town is built into, thus the three different levels. The front side is the seaside and next to it is a small stream running into the sea, this builds up most of the surrounding environment.


Concrete, brick, stone and wood primarily, more rural/alpine areas of Italy often feature more chalet-style houses made from thick wood planks. - Something to consider

Moodboard Visual inspiration


Various mood boards of the visual inspiration for this area.

I own none of these images, they are being used for educational purposes


I really enjoyed working on this environment, it has a lot of character is probably the most colourful place in the game, it's based on a beautiful place and the location I can picture the best, I feel that this area very much suites Ella's character design


Chapter 2