We associate colours with almost everything and thus this association becomes an important part of our emotional complex, as this is closely related to what I am looking at, I decided to look into this.

Colour is closely linked to our perception of the world around us and colour can trigger emotional responses. Most primary colours are associated with an emotion that can be invoked. This can help us and understand and comprehend things and how they work and thus help to build a world that feels real and understandable, we attribute value to things that we like and trust and colours can help. For example, We associate the colour green with health, tranquillity and  harmony, and in natural environments, we understand this and it helps us form a connection

Shiny Things

It’s common for people to like shiny and glossy things and it’s more than just aesthetically eye-catching, It’s related to the fact that shiny objects such as mirrors or polished metal can be mistaken for water, and naturally, humans are drawn to water as a source of life.

Psychology of colour
Absence of colour​

Monochrome is the absence of colour, black and white as such and is a powerful medium using layers of grey to detail areas in between and this begins to step into the realm of unimportance, the polar opposite for where we use colour to evoke emotions and understand things about the image, this information is lost in black and white thus things become simpler yet diminished.

If we take this painting and compare it in several forms, the full version being in colour, when it is converted to black and white we lose much of what it once was, the detail and importance of the vibrance are dropped altogether and hue and colour values no longer factor in however in the process the image has transformed into something else, with the absence of an important element, something else takes its place, the contrast between the blacks and the whites and all the greys in between detail a sad beauty but a story that we didn’t see before, finally, an underexposed image brings all of the black to the foreground and dominates the image, creating a new image entirely, the tiny details making all the difference.

Overall Thoughts​

Colour is crucial to this theme, it's a way to bridge the gap of subjectivity and allow people to comprehend and visualise an experience. It's a way to accent detail and or take it away - a very powerful design tool here

Things I learned​

How colours carry meaning, how we look to them to find understanding, how they build up levels of detail that we understand and how we can be lost without them instead looking to other things, shadowing, light and form