Following on from our audience and analyzing our game from an objective view, we looked at platforms and generally arrived at the same conclusion, Our game fits into the Indie market and is simple to interface with, visually pleasing and an uplifting experience. This is a game designed for most ages, something for those looking for something new and something to connect with. Our first choice is the switch platform, this is the forefront platform for indie games with large support for new indie games, it’s a game that works well so far with a native controller layout and the switch has this. Nintendo also has a history of working with games that break away from the norm, our games has no fighting or health etc and we wanted a primary platform that supported this.


Hardware constraints:


Naturally the biggest drawback with Switch is the hardware constraint, as it’s the lowest powered hardware of all the main consoles it will have to be designed for specifically, understanding that mobile hardware could be used to power the game is something to understand during the design process and constraint systems should be designed accordingly during the visual pipeline, personally this will impact my 3D process designing for less powerful hardware but we still aim to create a nice visual look, this will be a major challenge during development.


I'm interested to make a game for the switch platform, I've not made a game directly for console before and this is an interesting new field. I think this the right move working towards this platform and I will have to invest in a switch soon


Hardware considerations