Chapter 3

Brass town​

Chapter three is home to the brass people. There were several places I could go with the design of the brass area, we liked the military that resonates from the instruments, it grabs attention and is very commanding. Fundamentally, I went with a utility kind of theme, they are obsessed with functioning at a high level, everything has to be automated and they are commanded by the clock.


Surrounding environment


I imagined that the brass town was one of the most sheltered of the civilisations having large rock/cave like walls shrouding most of the settlement from harsh winds and snow. Not as much grows here as the previous settlements at the flute and violin environment, Evergreens start to appear more frequently and the more mediterranean esque foliage disappears.




Now I had a rough idea of the people and their instruments, I translated this into an environment design, This specifically translated well into the industrial phase or some of it (early 19th century), the time in which people started using machines and power driven tools became prominent. This inspired Redbrick industrial like buildings with brass piping going everywhere powering and automating their buildings as well as large clocks and cogs everywhere, I wanted the brass people to be very over the top, and this had to translate into the environment thus everything feels big and clunky, similarly to how the instruments feel to some regard and it’s essentially a reflection of that.




As some of the buildings could be distinctly complex I do not want uses to get lost, thus to avoid confusion these will be only one main street for players to walk down, on the way they will walk past brass players on the way to their destination of the single brass player near the end of the street.

Moodboard Visual inspiration


Various mood boards of the visual inspiration for this area.

I own none of these images, they are being used for educational purposes


Chapter 2

Chapter 4

It was very easy to slip over to steampunk while designing this environment however this is not the design goal nor theme, there are large pipes and cogs however this is all I want it to share, the brass area should be unique and represent the instrument more than a fantasy theme