Chapter 4​

Triangle man

Chapter 4 is the ruined flute village according to the narrative. This means that the majority of the place is simply ruined wooden buildings. The style is similarly primitive to the treehouses however in house form. The building style for an influence of this location loosely based on feudal Europe, specifically Poland, traditionally citizen’s houses were made from poorly constructed wooden timber with some occasionally thatched roofs.


This level design is fairly flat, most of the buildings have collapsed and only rubble remains, some small structures have survived however display the shoddy work of the flute people, a nest-like structure is set against the back wall of the area and this is the home of the triangle man.


Surrounding environment


The environment of this is beginning to show the wintery foreshadowing of the final location, the area is primarily rocky with evergreens scattered around. Unlike the brass people, this area is not surrounded by rock, little protection to the elements with both left and right of the entrance being cliff edges.


There is the potential for some snow

Moodboard Visual inspiration


Various mood boards of the visual inspiration for this area.

I own none of these images, they are being used for educational purposes


Chapter 3

Chapter 5

This area was a lot of looking at wooden houses and imaging them in ruins, that the outline for this location, by the time the player reaches the location, it's a shadow of it's former glory, It should make for an interesting level however.