Chapter 5​


The tower is the final location in the game and is the climax of the story, based on the tower of babel this tower serves as a vantage point over the world revealing snow cold mountains.


In regards to environmental design, it’s the most simple location, a long windy path leading from the previous area up towards the tower, the tower itself has little interior, it’s relatively run down with bricks scattered and large holes in the masonry, the backside of the tower opposite the entrance is open with a balcony like structure. Close to which the final interaction is located.

Surrounding environment


The surrounding environment of the tower is primarily vacant of vegetation, the rocky path leading from the flute people out towards the tower is dotted with cobblestones and snow. The area is deliberately bleak as the focus is on the player and the tower, the player moves upwards along the path towards the tower with an almost interactive cinematic shot from the camera following the player making the final climb upwards to the destination.

Moodboard Visual inspiration


Various mood boards of the visual inspiration for this area.

I own none of these images, they are being used for educational purposes


Chapter 4


The final environment is the peak of the game, the top of the mountain, all things considered, it's not an overly exciting environment, it's comparatively cold and dark when put against some of the other environmental locations, however at the same time it has a cold beauty to it that is echoed through the piano music reverberating all the way down the into the towns.