Phase Two

Phase two narrows down to one field of research to communicate back within two weeks


In phase two, the objective is to narrow down onto one subject and deep dive into this then communicating back several key points, things you liked and things you want to take forward. I struggled to find a subject that I genuinely found a passion for causing me to drop areas and move around, starting at value, I moved towards the idea of individuality, from there I moved towards non-permanence, to memories, to apocalypse finally settling on detail. I wrote a blog post on the change of directions.


I used Adam's cards to guide me with research avenues and then pursued areas of interest that branched from that, I settled on several key elements such as Characters, colours and sounds, other avenues developed from there

Phase two notes

At the end of phase two, I realised that the theme of details served better as a lens to put another theme through, although there is the potential of a game here, I decided I wanted to work on someone else's theme this year, I will leave everything so far behind because of this however I found this area informative and will possibly shelve it for another time. I enjoyed the journey that this research took me on, through philosophy and non-definitive answers, looping back and sometimes leading nowhere, an infuriating path for sure however I felt that I learned some valuable things.