Week 2

12th Nov

Although reading week and not being scheduled at university, we decided to attempt our first theme using the google sprint method. This week's theme is indirect interaction, Legacy or the idea of passing something on in a digital experience. We created two podcasts this week, one on Wednesday and the other on Friday, Friday wraps our ideas into a package where we discuss ideas and consider a game structure. It is advisable to refer to them for idea generation and general development of ideas.


Working with the concept of indirect connectivity to create an experience.

Asynchronous experience, something that can be passed from player to player. An experience that includes the player in the game

Players crossing into each other's worlds non-physically, via senses?


  • Visuals

  • Sounds

  • Things they touch add

  • Physical changes to the game, narrative changes?

Fundamental ideas of game

Players share worlds experiences. They do this by passing on the world when they’re done. Players understand that they will die at some point. Finite lifespan makes players play differently within the game, caring and conserving their life for as long as possible. Players are working towards a common goal. Remnants of players will be left behind for other players to discover such as things they’ve put there or dropped and warnings and notes.

Seed sharing Idea

Seed sharing allows players to save and share worlds with each other, after completion, the world is saved in its current state and can be spread to other players from that state. Players can pick up where any player leaves off or simply be assigned at random to a generation of player, the diagram on the right shows an example of player generations up to the third player. 

Journey multiplayer demonstration, I found it interesting how players work together and acting as part of the game, integrated into the experience.

3:08 Example of player ghosts in dark souls 1, players being semi-visible across worlds and space, not physically there but visually stimulating. Making players think about other worlds and the feeling of not being alone

Abstract v0.1

The objective of the game is to connect and find companions by venturing to a large landmark that is said to bring people together (somehow) the game has two types of players, forerunners, and successors, forerunners are the first players within the world while Successors are players to inherit the world after the forerunner has passed on. The world starts dark and cold with little to no clues on how to get to the destination. The players must venture out lighting the way leaving behind warnings and suggestions for other players to follow (Exact method TBD) Each player only has one life that must be protected/sustained. Forerunner players will come to understand that one life is not enough to complete the game and upon death will drop their spirit, containing character information such as name and appearance. That player then has the opportunity to pass the world to someone else via a seed or simply random assignment. Successors have the opportunity to pick up players spirits allowing them to have a deeper connection with that player, (they may point out potential dangers later on by appearing to the player in a dreamlike state) this spirit will become diluted as players proceed to pick them up aiding them in reaching the destination. Upon arrival and completion of the game, they will be able to release the picked up spirit revealing all the previous players and forerunner.


I feel that this idea has a lot of potential and I want to explore it further