Dare was a solo design project to take a look at creating a dungeon crawling game centred around co-operative play, I wanted to try building a cute 3D game that would stand out and rework how age old dungeon crawling works and try and bring new life to the gameplay.


My work flow on this project was based around an experience framework, setting: dungeons, theme: thriller, feeling: light-hearted, I used this outline to balance and design all the elements in the game to achieve the desired arcade style dungeon crawling game.  I studied the concept of dungeon crawling and the challenges it presents to the player and I considered how I could rework these to be co-operative centrically designed. I began reworking and developing mechanical systems to encourage teamwork and add new layers of challenge to the game.


Light system:

Players carry torches and light sources, the light level defines their overall health pool requiring the players to work together and assign tasks of light casting

Weapon penalty:

Players have their most used weapon taken away from them upon death and will have to work dynamically to reach the next checkpoint where they will have the option to retrieve the weapon

Evolving enemies and play styles:

AI will learn playstyles and preferred weapon choices from players and, for example archers using bows will become less effective over time as AI begins to stand further apart from each other rendering AOE range attacks less effective. 


. This design document was selected as one of four game proposals at University to take forward and develop into a vertical slice game by another team.