Environment design



For this game we require several different types of environments, these environments must reflect certain elements of the civilisation culture, as music cannot always convey exact emotions and reflect the narrative, the environment will have to add detail to the nuances of the game as best as it can, thus they will be designed around the feels and vibes of each civilisation as well as taking into account logistical information such as location, story progression, linearity and theme of the instrument.  


Ella and I spent some time breaking down the instruments and general civilisation attributes, I will use these to theme the environmental design. One of the underlying elements of the narrative is the fact that progressing from each civilisation usually takes you higher through a mountain range like area that occludes.


The environment was one of my primary tasks this semester, I have seen this through from initial ideation to full 3D concepts. My approach was guided by Peer/team feedback and location research to develop a working level design


3D pipeline