A bond tied in marriage, blood or adoption, bonded regardless of emotional connection. Parent and child usually. Nuclear family


Interconnected smaller groups in society spanning across generations.


Every member will be different from the others both in looks and personality however they will often share resemblences


Family is the connections we often have closest to us, we are born with family members in which we are joined by blood, parents and siblings, marriage joins to together as does adoption, other less formal variations are families of friends, people we choose to associate with rather than people we are related to by blood. One of the key elements here is a connection, we establish connections with all of this people and this web builds up our hierarchy of relationships. As each person as their own web, this spans continually. This is represented in the form of family tree and friends networks. This makes me think of connection and connecting things together to create something bigger.

Family Tree

A family tree displays a family line across generations stemming from one person, their siblings, parents and ancestors all connected together and visualised through the branches and trunk of a growing tree.

"From the great white oak to a sapling planted by nature or human intention, the tree represents strength, patience, survival and hope through time. Trees endure. For that reason the tree has become a symbol of endurance. Trees are the cleansing lungs which help make our atmosphere breathable. They give us cooling shade and refresh our bodies and minds from the heat of a summer's day. The tree also figures prominently in stories involving the major religions. Didn't Buddha attain enlightenment while sitting under the bod-hi tree?"


- Christy Bergland 


Art by Maria Rova, revolves around the essence of family, inspired by the  Fiji Islands


"The Fiji Islands are my home, and source of inspiration, as I use dyes, paint, barkcloth, sand, silk and cement to respond in my own creative way to the challenges, tension, and beauty of life in a developing Pacific island nation. "

James R. Eads

“James R. Eads is a Los Angeles based surreal impressionist who explores ideas of the soul and human connection through traditional printmaking and new digital media. Like a map to a new world, his pieces act as illustrations for something unknown.”


James R. Eads tells a story with each set of artwork he creates, although initially discovering his work “GOODBYE, HELIOS.” as this is based on human connection, many of his other works are themed with a very unique aesthetic. James R.Reds uses many different methods to create his artwork including Virtual reality painting to create full 3D paintings, this yields some fantastic results and works with digital mediums to create motion-based art. I really like the idea of 3D painting as it’s using 2D brush strokes to create a new type of artwork. It excites me to see the potential of 2D and 3D coming together to create a unique art style.

Overall Thoughts

It's interesting to see how we develop connections and how these change over time, how we grow apart from some things and grow towards other - Interested in looking at the concept of non-permenence

Things I learned

Human's are born with existing connections to others and we develop these connections over time and create friendships and groups of people around us we like/find important. We work towards creating our own families and connections that are meaningful and drive us forward