Flute - Treehouse Environment



From my original work in semester 1, I passed this to Ella who concepted the final look of the treehouses including shape, pallet and size. I worked in 3D space with some ideas that I thought might improve the general aesthetic and communicated these back to Ella, this was met with a positive reception thusly I continued with this using the original 2D layout as a guide.



I started by modelling one of the treehouses as I wanted something that would encapsulate the style and the treehouses are a large part of that. I went through two or three iterations and decidedly restarted several times as I was unhappy with the look, I created 6 sided treehouses and platforms and each one was made from several models to simulate planks of wood. I intentionally created misshapen and crude planks to fix the style and add a level of detail at the fundamental layer. To ensure the game will run nicely, I ensured that the detail on the planks always faced outward and the inside (which players won’t see) will be kept basic to keep poly counts low.


The tree design is based on large oaks and acacia trees, I considered using Fern trees but I wanted to draw a line between the cold environments later in the game and this area, as the cold areas are using fern trees I decided to go for large oak like trees, theses are strong and have the potential to support large muti-structure treehouses. I started with simple poles and built the detailed trees at the end after all of the treehouse structures had been finished. One of the most important elements of the treehouse areas is it’s vertical design, All the treehouses are built somewhat on top of each other and I wanted this design to seem to work as if the flute people could actually navigate these treehouses, so to do this I added ladders and spiral stairs that would look as if they afford vertical movement. I changed the windows slightly from the original concepts, initially they were simply cut outs of the wood but I looked at building round window frames and I thought that it accented the windows a little better and gave a friendlier look overall, Ella liked this and so we stuck with it.



Naturally for this environment there is a lot of brown in the pallets, as we’re working with block textures for this environment the pallets are chosen by Ella and then I implement them as accurately as I can, naturally the lighting will change the colour and this has to be taken into account. Other than that Texturing was quite simple for this space as it is for most of the environment.

Treehouse initial thoughts


The treehouses posed several logistical issues that we had to iron out with a small redesign, we considered creating rectangle shaped tree houses but this would mean 90 Degree angle bridges and we’d struggle to get the desired circular construction, this prompted the circular treehouse designs with up to 8 sides, that would connect together and allow for a little more detail and control over the layout of the level. The treehouses were designed in both platforms and actual houses, and bridges would be added later, this independent elements worked together to form a modular layout that would allow the environment to be constructed quickly and tested quickly.


Grouped treehouse modularly placable


A look at the process used to create the bridges

no colour treehouse 2.jpg
colour treehouse 2.jpg
Screenshot (58)_edited.png
treehouse screenshot.jpg