This follows the progress and process of my second semester developing our game. This is a game set in a world where music is the universal language and communication is broken. A musician sets out on a quest to discover the source of a mysterious music, along the way meeting various musicians.

*All model work aside from Brass character, Flute character and Triangle man, as well as some foliage models from previous projects, were created by me*




This is my semester 2 development blog for my work on Gloria game, My role was 3D artist and Team leader. The game is a lighthearted 3D adventure thought piece about loneliness and building connections with people through music.  The core team moved over from semester one. Ella, Creative Director and 2D Artist, Dean, Lead Mechanics Programmer, Bernie, 3D Artist and myself, Project lead and 3D Artist. Over the second Semester we picked up 3 outsources, Sam, Tim as sound artists and Sid as VFX artist. We worked over a period of 5 months to develop Gloria into a full playable experience. My role involved communication between team members, managing outsources, unassigned jobs/tasks and timelines. Alongside this, I led development of the environments/worlds, the main characters and all of the animation, I also had a hand in the visual style working with programming graphics, shaders and post processing styles. Outside of the game I worked on the website and the documentary. Reflective blog posts over the duration of the semester found here