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Legacy and indirect connection game


Project name: TBD




This game come from the idea of indirect communication, passing something on after you’ve done with it, second hand so to speak, we were interested how this could be achieved in a digital environment, or in a game. The possibility that a game can be played and then passed to someone else and the game will be changed due to the first player.

The game is based on the idea of passing on the game and the world after they have died. The game will feature two types of players, Instantiation players, (they begin the world) and Succession players (players that inherit the world). The objective of the game is to get to a landmark without specific directions or a linear path, Players are given one life and must sustain it for as long as possible, Players must avoid traps and dangers all the while having a limited overall lifespan, in the process solving problems and exploring a large interconnecting pre-designed world. Players are able to leave behind warnings and clues to solve puzzles as well as a death message that can be picked up by players after them, these will exist in the next player's world to either help them out or lead them astray. When a player eventually gets to the goal/landmark, they will be able to see all the players that helped them and came before them.




A large interconnected world that is designed to lose the player with an almost labyrinthian style layout using multiple visual prompts for players to navigate and maintain a loose understanding of their location, this can be achieved by creating several different interconnecting environments, forests, ruins, underground elements etc.






Undecided, a potential method of this is to look at a player controlling a character either in a third person perspective or first. They will have a series of character controls to navigate the world and methods of interfacing the world, they will have to overcome potential problems, traps puzzle etc. Players will also be able to leave things behind in the world, possibly suggestions of a route, warnings could come in the form players being able to tie something to a nearby environmental. Players could also can leave a death message, So when they die they could leave one final piece of information in that world before they leave it forever.




These puzzles will be designed to impede player exploration and progression, this could come in the form of doors or broken bridges that players must either open or find a different way around. These can involve logic-based solutions or simply geographical releases such as levers and buttons.




The player is chosen to be the one to venture towards the landmark, as the “chosen one” Small NPC communities along the way will offer guidance and supposed help to the player along the way under this pretence offering information. While some could be possibly not out to help you. However, as the player progresses they come to understand that they are not the chosen one and many others have come before you, the NPCs are simply people that do not wish to fulfil the difficult and dangerous task of reaching the landmark as the possibility of death has deterred them. Small individual narratives woven into the larger can exist here with specific NP characters that identify with lonely stories that aid in building an ambience.


We have experimented with the idea that everyone from previous communities are/were at some point the chosen one and deviated from their task.


Art style:


Ideally, we will combine 2D assets with 3D to create a unique art style, using 3D elements in the foreground while 2D in the background. Using a common art style across the assets, this will include parallax 2D assets to create a cohesive style and utilising shaders to simulate flat lighting across the assets, using this combination will server to build up highly detailed forward assets while maintaining backdrop quality. This should serve to create a highly unique visual that intrigues players  and encourages them to explore.




The goals of the project are to create a cohesive game that creates an ambience that feels like players are all around you while being completely single player, players will come to understand that although in the moment they are alone, they are working with others and contributing to the game.


Players will feel lonely and venture slowly, feeling on edge in the unexplored areas while feeling comfortable and somewhat nostalgic in the places players have commonly frequented.


User experience:


Interfacing and gameplay TBA


Players will naturally understand the fundamental of the game before beginning, understanding that worlds can be passed on




This game appeals to several audiences. This game looks at connecting people and creating a network of players that can work together and engage in a unique experience. This game appeals to those interested in trying something new within games as well as appealing to elements of nostalgia or those that like the idea of sharing memories. Exact age group demographic TBD


Competitive Analysis:


No games currently use the idea of passing on a game experience within a single player environment, this is one of the key factors of this game that makes it stand out. It’s unique in this sense, looking at games like Dark souls that use a similar idea of parallel worlds that players can travel through visit would possibly be the closest competition to this game.


Critical Analysis:


Ensuring this formulates into a game rather than an simply an interesting experience is key to creating a better product, using a strong narrative and staying away from game cliches are essential to creating the desired game. This game will require lots of balancing and ensuring the one life mechanic is introduced in a way that doesn’t upset players but enhances the game is very important otherwise players will be left feeling unhappy.


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Project Structure:










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