Game two outline​

Game idea two

version 0.1


Communication game


Project name: TBD




 In this game all forms of traditional communication methods are lost, the aim to find ways to understand and connect to characters people within the game by playing music with them, the player must locate these people and come to understand their music, this could be by searching the surrounding area or simply observing them, they appear as nondescript humanoid figures. Once understood, the player can use their instrument to play back to them creating a momentary connection. The player moves through the game playing with people building connections and common understanding moving away from a lonely existence. As they learn and play music more with the people of the world, they become less remote and more defined with facial features and expressions.




The environment would reflect the game’s ambience in many ways, minimalistic and non-descript, possibly using colours and details changing over time to represent the upward climb of the player character.




Two major interactions elements of gameplay, players moving around the world and interacting with the other characters.




The narrative of this game stems from the idea that the language was initially unified as one, related to the tower of Babel story, the language was shatters and no one could communicate, thus universal languages became the only way to communicate, music becomes the centre focus of this game however others universal elements such as expression also factor in.


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We want to make a game that enables players to take joy in creating a new relationship with the game characters by establishing a momentary connection through music, by creating simultaneous music with characters and in the process forming new connections is a metaphor for shared experiences.


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This document needs filling in and many elements still need to be discussed, for example, gameplay and user Experience as essentials.