Gloria was a collaborative final year and outside of study project to create a small indie game around the theme of loneliness that would be a positive and uplifting experience. We wanted to create a game that told its story through small interactions, characters, music and the world.


My role on the project was Project Manager, Narrative and Level Designer while my developmental role was 3D Artist, Shader Programmer and Animator.


I designed and developed every level in the game based around the musical families we wanted, this included Violin, Brass, Flute, Triangle and Piano. I drew inspiration from instruments or content relating to the instrument such as setting, history and culture and constructed the world.


My process started with pen and paper designing layouts and pathways, testing pacing and spaces from the very beginning, I then tested Whitebox levels in Unity to consolidate this and enable full run-throughs of the game, I designed each level modularly to connect to each other allowing me to iterate and swap out each level as I reworked them.


I worked to rig, weight and animate all the characters and dynamic objects within the game through 3Ds Max. I worked with kinematic rigs for the characters and designed several animations for each, the inspiration for these was taken from characterisation from the concept art created by my teammate Ella Dawson. The rest was from movement studies and then transforming these sketches into motion.

Level design for first level, pen and paper to whitebox to polished level


Gloria - a 5 level 3D puzzle-like game that players move around connecting with NPC characters through mini-games visualising music.

The game was finished and released in London on July 2nd 2019 along with several other games, the reception was great and we’ve had fantastic feedback, the game is free to download and is playable here: