The website acts as a hub for our social presence, we have a home page with a description of the game, a making of documentary video, gifs from the game assets and art from the game on the home page with a presskit for media, a developer blog following weekly progress and updates and a team section that outlines the team working on Gloria including the outsources and their respective links. I led website design as I was concerned how long it was taking to get our website up. After Bernie purchased the domain for I bought the hosting space from Wix and began talking website design with Ella, I proposed some designs and content to Ella and had her look over and edit some elements, I polished up the site and we built the presskit together. I wanted to keep the website as visual as possible as well as being easy to navigate, I wanted to keep this consistent with the game and use appropriate colours.



Colour pallets for the site follow the blues from the main character, with a greyish blue background and light blue text, we follow the wavy friendly look of gloria with the font and the layout.

Main page


The main page captures the core of the game, keeping it very visual with little text keeps the content easy to digest while still informing the user on the content




A short description of the game and several key images from the game and promotional content.

Social media posts


We used social media platforms Instagram and Twitter for our game, We regularly posting images and updates on the game and used the media pages to link to out other marketing assets such as website and documentary.


I primarily managed the Twitter account as I know the platform better and we reached over 300 follows within 3 months with a average interaction//view of over 1,000 per day, this sometimes reached as high as 10,000 per day with people viewing and engaging with our content. I believe with time we could have grown this media presence into something larger as the general reception to the game idea was very positive and generated a lot of interest in the indie games community





Creating the video for our game was quite important, I wanted a short reel that captured what we were trying to make and the thoughts behind the game, this was the most important part to me, I wanted to stay away from a trailer or anything trying to sell the game, that game will do that itself. this is more trying to sell the ideas and thoughts behind the game, At the beginning of the semester I sat the team down and discussed how I wanted people to take regular videos and capture processes for B-roll footage, I stressed that if we didn’t capture as we go we’d struggle to have a level of quality on our film. The team did a great job at capturing footage and there was well over 2 hours of content overall. I wanted the film to be between 4 and 6 minutes long and featuring just the core team and our ideas, this was because I wanted the film as mentioned to be about the feeling and thoughts behind the game which is why I wanted it to be the design team rather than the full development team.



I edited the film in Sony Vegas, my first role was to cut down the interviews and sync the audio with our microphone. I did this for each person and cut out any outtakes or silences, I made sure these edits were seamless and that we didn’t have any audio issues. Roughly half of everyone’s footage was left at this point and I started building the timeline in vegas of how I’d like the content to be structured. I chose the questions I felt matched the feeling and I discussed music with Ella, I created several music variations but we decided to opt for the triangle theme as it most matched the desired mood of lighthearted but professional. After constructing the timeline spanning roughly 5 minutes I began adding in B-Roll footage from various team member, I chose footage that suited the subject matter or individual talking and made sure that it was progressively visual. I also made sure that the camera cuts to the actual person at least once to allow people to match a voice with a face.


I performed several test renders keeping in contact with Ella and taking advice, I finished by adding the opening splash screen of “ The making of Gloria” and ending the film with a series of frames drawn by Ella in first semester when we first conceptualised the idea of building relationships through music.




The team page introduces users to the core team with a short 50-100 word description of themselves and their role on the project, the page also provides link to team member’s social media pages and a profile image, this is useful for instantiating us as game creators and giving off a profession attitude


Development blog

As well as our own person development blogs we decided to have a team development blog, I created the opening post welcoming users to the site and updating them on the work/design outline so far, this then transitioned to Ella compiling weekly updates from everyone in the core team, My first post can be found here


After outlining the B-Roll I wanted earlier in the year, I decided I wanted to conduct interview like scenarios for each of the team members, I’m prepare several questions before hand and mix the responses as a narrative for the documentary. The Questions prepared were as follows:

  • What was your role on the project?

  • What was the hardest part of the project?

  • What was your favorite part of the making of Gloria?

  • What does the game say do you think?


I asked for roughly 30 second responses and I planned to join these together and choose the best answers, Originally I was only going to ask 3 questions but I decided to opt for a fourth and then select the answers I felt blended together to form a cohesive video. Sid was on hand to ask everyone the questions and we had help for Richard with the camera. The format of the questions involved starting with the name of the interviewed and using pauses between questions to make editing easier/