The music in our game is one of the most essential elements, the music has to capture and convey large narrative elements and is key to immersing players in the game. There are several sound and musical parts to consider, the most important is the mechanic in which the player synchronises with a character in the game and they play music together. There is also diegetic and background music that plays, this as well as sound effects and foley artistry.

General inspiration:


As a team, we began by assembling a large youtube playlist of music we all took something from emotionally, we discussed how it made us feel and used this to get a better idea of how music moved us. From this, I looked at some modern classical artists that use music to tell stories or messages. This also leads on from my previous research into music artists during phase two as there are many similarities to what I am looking at.




This essentially an iconic element of the music that repeats enforce a point, this can also be used to signal events, foreshadowing and pre-emptive action. Not only can this be used to almost brand your music but it also makes it memorable.

Sample 1

This is a very basic version of what I thought could be used for the violin town, this is meant to feel a little exciting, a little faster pace possibly than some of the others.

This is inspired primarily by music composed by Ludovico einaudi specifically his work on Islands

  • Sample track 1 - exciting
  • -
  • George
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Sample 2


Something that I thought might work for the background track more so than any of the others, something quiet that the player can join in with diegetically

  • Sample track 2 ambient
  • -
  • George
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Sample 3


A possible idea of the sad music coming from the tower that can be heard from far off, Many of these notes may be lost to the wind and thus I wanted to create something ghostly that would convey meaning even if misheard, this is inspired by Max Richter’s “A lamenting song”

  • Sample track 3 - sad
  • -
  • George
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Music is something that I'm interested in, unfortunately, it's been many years since I've properly studied music and my understanding of note music and general music theory is almost entirely forgotten. Logistically, it is not possible to learn everything again within the time between now and musical development. The music may be outsourced however I'd probably still have a hand in writing final samples, I feel that it's important to have a core member of the project convey the meaning and feeling of the music

Art Style

Project proposal

synchronize music mechanic


This is the music that plays during the primary mechanic when the player engages with a character, There are 5 pieces of music in total, one for each location, each piece of music reflects the location and the people and tells a story. These pieces of music last no longer than a minute with the exception of the last piece that is played by everyone. These pieces are usually led by the player and then the character joins in after the first couple of bars



After our group playlist, Ella decided the instruments the characters in the game would have, The main character having a violin, initially, this was going to be something between and guitar and a violin for strumming and playing with a bow however this was changed to a violin after some rethinking. 


The other instruments decided were a french horn or similar, a wooden flute, a triangle and a piano. These decisions were made because we felt that there would work well together as an orchestra and they generally flowed well as instruments in their own right, the violin as it's generally a very strong accompanying instrument, it's versatile and can play both happy and sad very effectively.



The brass instrument was chosen due to its uniqueness and it's the difference to the others, it adds variety and has a generally interesting aesthetic, Flute was chosen for a similar reason alongside it being one of Ella's earlier designs, the Triangle due to the contrast between the character using it and the instrument adds a spark to our narrative. The piano as the final instrument because it commands, a piano solo speaks through time and is one of the most powerful instruments

Ambient music


This is the music that plays in the background and the player will strum to while moveing, this changes based on their location to reflect the native instrument