At the beginning of the FMP work, I chose four subjects, short stories, winning and losing, legacy and values. These are very different subjects that I felt would be intellectually challenging to look into and could have the potential of developing a new field of game design.

I wanted to explore something different, something non-physical, some new form of telling a story, perhaps breaking away from the confines of the hero's journey, something that's base construct is non-linear. I stumbled upon this idea while considering interconnecting narrative and how some writers set all their different stories in the same universe. I'm interested in how these cross over each other.

Winning and losing originated as a moral standpoint, what defines winning and what defines losing from different perspectives however I moved away from the moral front and moved closer towards the question of what makes for a competitive space? I explore what goes into a competitive experience and how games utilise this


The concept of Legacy is a more personal interest similar in a sense to the last, what does it mean to leave something behind and why do we do it if there's even an answer, our desire to feel important and be remembered is interesting and I was curious where it would lead.

Value is an acutely human characteristic, I was personally interested in how we assign a value to everything and what this means and how this could be looked into deconstructed and displayed within a game.


Some of these questions or subjects were difficult to research as they often looked very subjectively at most of the fields other than the factual elements, I occasionally lost interest in some of the subjects and this made it difficult to move forward with as I was looking for something that would interest me. I choose these subjects as they had variety and could make entirely different games, I wanted something to test myself with rather than choosing four similar subjects. In conclusion, I will move forward with Value as I'm most interested where this could lead, I feel that winning and losing is a close second, however, this has a high chance of manifesting as a competitive game and I'm not sure this would be a good idea as this would require so much polishing and balancing to get it to a viable stage logistically I feel it's potential is a stretch.

Phase One

The first process of research used for creating a final major project, in phase one, the aim is to communicate back four themes of my choice within 2 weeks.