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Easter progress

Although we're quite far behind in the development cycle and we have a long way to go we're meeting with positive outcomes and responses to our game. We've tested our finished treehouse level and polished our wind mechanic and we've been met with very good feedback from both, on testing the mechanics I considered the possibility of implementing an aim assist like mechanic that would make it easier to follow the line while appearing to the player that it's entirely down to their input. This allows for a gratifying and enjoyable mechanic that makes use of my paper on hidden design.

After a meeting with Adam, he assigned us more specific roles within the team and tasks to carry out, and overcoming some team difficulties we now move back into development, I am now focusing on 3D visual design and creating the entire look of the game, Adam explained we should cut the flat lighting visual style as it simply isn't time effective, I agree with him on this but it is a shame we didn't manage to agree on an achievable style.

My first task was to finish/whitebox the entire game world, with the brass and flute town done and the violin town whiteboxed, I had to work on white boxing the tower level and the triangle down, I outsourced the triangle town to Bernie to white box and I myself worked on the tower, although I had to stay from original designs due to last minute team inputs not being happy with the original layout, I spend several days creating a 3D layout utilizing a lot of vertical space to develop a tower level that players ascend. This was quite successful and although I spend longer on this than I would have liked, I was pleased with the result.

Bernie and I discussed characters and how we'd model them, we agreed that I'd work on piano man once model sheets had been created while he worked on the flute character. In the mean time I'd continue with environment work and model the transition areas that connect the levels together and allow them to load individually. Working on the world brought up some annoying technical difficulties, many crashes trying to merge environment scenes and difficulties trying to align meshes correctly and seamlessly. I was also still waiting on the triangle town whitebox from Bernie at this stage so I created the transition zones for the first level and then the second level to the third, however I had yet to work on the fourth or the fifth.

The violin town, fully modelled over the Easter break

Fast forward Easter weekend and I have managed to figure out the technical issues preventing the worlds from working together, I align all of the worlds (primarily whitebox levels) and can export it all as one model. This means the entire world is fully white-boxed and ready for testing. After this I moved I had received the character sheets for piano man from Ella, as the hardest part or at least the slowest part is building the base mesh/skin for the character, I decided that instead of started from scratch I'd simply rework my main character mesh. I spend a day working on this and was quite happy with the result. This also saved a massive amount of time and it almost identical to the original character design. After the base mesh, I worked on the clothes, mostly simply extrusions from the base mesh with occasional difficulties, primarily with the overcoat of the character which I fixed by bridging faces. I then modelled the instrument, naturally a piano, this was one of the simplest models I've created for this project, simply using box modelling techniques to achieve a grand piano like instrument. I spend two days working on character rigs as I wanted to get the piano man fully rigged and the animations for the player finished but I think for the moment I'm going to work on documentation of work as I've fairly far behind on this. That pretty much wraps up the Easter break. I'm still somewhat concerned about time and how much we have left to do, but it's going to be busy from here on.