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Legacy was the last research topic I looked into on the broad scale and I admit the one I looked into least - I was primarily interested in the nuances and understanding of what it is rather than specific research on the subject. I am interested in the idea of what we leave behind after we're gone and if this actually matters or not. There is no definitive answer to this question and as with Value, much of this is simply perspective. It leads to the depressing subject of pointlessness which inevitably makes one question existence and this is something I'd like to ideally stay away from if possible as it's an endless downwards spiral in many cases. It's an interesting subject because some spend their entire life working towards what happens after they die, Religious bodies spend much of it believing in an afterlife of some kind and how their actions in this world defines their existence after death, while others have children as if giving life brings meaning to their own and thus a purpose. Purpose is essentially the crux of the entire subject as we search for a purpose to exist and thus this partially comes in the form of Legacy. However Legacy is not all doom and gloom, it comes with the silver lining of bringing new things and ideas into the world as our consciousnesses leaves it behind just as everything that dies during winter leaves behind the legacy of spring. We adapt and learn from previous generations and with any luck improve as a species. My script for presentation:


Originating from life cycles I ended up at Legacy and what we leave behind. There’s a train of thought that what we do is so insignificant that it doesn’t matter what we do and what we leave behind because in the end it’ll be lost anyway.

It’s interesting because eventually everything you did, everyone you met and everything you worked for will eventually fade, and as depressing as this is, it’s almost making room for new things, new people and new stories.

This time base erosion is exciting because in a 10,000 years who knows what will be taking place here? Will it even be humans occupying the earth, who knows? But although as a species, it’s not difficult to liken us to parasites on this earth; our legacies are still beautiful and place our mark in history.

Things I like about Legacy: the ending and beginning of new things is a difficult and beautiful concept to work with

Things I dislike about Legacy: How do you not make a depressing game with this?

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