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Updated: Nov 22, 2018

As I've worked with my themes I have realised that much of it fails to grab my attention, I like the subject of value but much of it feels arbitrary and dull as many elements are very generically moral based and I am tired of working with that as a theme, I plan to look at the theme of value in a different light, I am considering working with the concept of individuality - an interesting point that my research pulled up is the idea of how we all connect to things differently and this motivates us in different directions and I like this pathway, why do we strive towards towards something? What motivates CEOs to take power and dominate industries? These are interesting points and something I'd possibly like to look into further.

I Feel that stepping away from value as I'm looking at it at the moment would be a good move as it's good to realise when to drop themes that aren't working, after some time thinking and a brief conversation with James in regard to the subject, he made some good points that I should look to work with, he made a point of saying that when animating, we use key-frames to mark points of importance in the context to the animations and then we use blending to make up the rest, he made a point of saying what would happen if we take out all the important key-frames. What is left to us? With this in mind I considered how we would deal with the unimportant, the fine details that are added to the important, the absence of importance. What would happen if we had nothing left and how far can importance be stripped back before we are left with a blank canvas of a world. How far can we look into the potential of the unseen and unfocused, the world of shadows and finer, lesser details until we find new ground only touched by philosophy.

I have a feeling I'll know when I get there.

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