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Phase 3 plan

After overcoming initial hurdles, as a team we realised we had to break Loneliness down into smaller themes, different ways to look at it, we decided that from now on we should try and make weekly podcasts recording our key dicussions as they would be useful to listen back to as well as reference key aguments or ideas. We settled on Wednesday as a good day for this, after settling on our three themes under loneliness we needed a plan of action for how to go about generating ideas from these. After a discussion with Adam, he suggested we adopt the 5 day Google sprint methodology, this is used to generate design proposals and prototypes within 5 days, as we have 3 themes, and three weeks before the end of phase 3, this seemed like a good idea. The Monday and Tuesday being used for ideation and creative generation, Wendnesday for collating and designing a prototype and Thuesday and Friday for making it. This seems like a good idea and we plan to use it for the next three weeks. Within this meeting with Adam I was also appointed team leader with Ella acting as vision leader as the person who came up with the theme in the first place.

With our three themes, we will attempt to develop at least one game for each theme narrowed down from roughly 12, these three games will have small prototypes developed per week for each to demonstrate a game element, this can then be used to gain feedback on the work and the idea in question. I feel that our three themes are very strong, these themes can be found on the loneliness themes page. I like them all in different ways and after brief conversations on all of them I feel that strong games can be made with all of them. I feel that they are diverse from mechainc based themes to others more targeted at narratives. I feel excited to work on these and potentially create something very good games/ expereiences.