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Phase Three - everything we've learnt 25th Nov

This week brought up some clear holes in our structures and how we're progressing through our work, It's clear we are obstructing each other's creative flow and in the process, we are generating less as a team, this concern has been emerging since we began work on the google sprint, however as the week before was reading week any is had less structure it was difficult to see. This week it became apparent that our time wasn't being utilized efficiently and one of our strongest team characteristics was swiftly becoming a crippling weakness; we are all very different in our personalities, skill-sets and general approaches, this is great because it builds unique ideas and with a skill-set to execute them effectively, we all think differently and the potential to critically evaluate each other's work and methods are what set us apart. The true is this has also become a flaw in our team, in our desire to work cohesively and maintain consistent communication progressing as one singular body, we've sacrificed creativity and hamstrung our individual talents in the process. We spend too much time working on one thing as a group rather than experimenting and letting our own processes lead a direction. We haven't iterated on bad ideas enough because we've focused on building one thing at a time; granted, our two current ideas are very strong and the ideation around that is great, but at the same time that is all we have far.

We need to not be afraid to experiment and work on things that interest us individually, we need to understand how to work independently but quickly to enable us to communicate back to the team what we're looking at and why. Short creative bursts are the key to creating more generally. In regards to my own personal work there are several things I need to work on, I need to create more, I've been suppressing creative processes and making things because I question its relevance and this is intrinsically flawed. I want to work on my own ideas and passions and integrate them into something, this is something I think we should all do to a certain degree, one of our goals for the project is to create something we are all passionate about and something we wake up and want to work on, I don't believe this can be achieved by maintaining an objective view of the content being developed. We need to work on visual research, images and visuals that we love, deconstruct this and cultivate our own style, something unique, something that speaks from us as creators. I want to work with more 3D and visual styling, this is one of my creative passions and I want to pursue it further. In regards to leading the team I can't help but feel that I haven't done the best job, leading the team and still arriving at this pitfall is partially down to my outlined structure. I will work to enable my team to work in a way that better suites them. By outlining smaller tasks and goals that the team can work on for a couple of hours and communicate back something important, collating this and allowing independent work to cultivate a seed that will become our final project. This will be my new goal as team leader.

I put a great deal of thought into how I work over the weekend and how I can start to outline a strategy, the truth is due to innumerable variables much of it will have to be played by ear, I have a rough idea on how to move on from this stage and that's going to have to be enough, we have to communicate back three solid ideas by this Friday coming and I want us to be in the best possible position by then, so it's time to turn around a year long project in a week or at least set a better course. This weekend I wanted to take some time away from my current work and work on some side projects, after browsing some artists I decided I very much wanted to work on a model sprint again, this is a single session model, from start to finish. So I decided to model a boat, or more accurately a ship, using a lower poly style to allow for potential sculpting and hand painting later on in substance painting, I used 3Ds max for the modelling with intentions to sculpt in Zbrush and paint texutures in Substance.

It was fun to get back into modelling and spending some time getting back into something, getting completely lost when it comes to model section duplication and normal remapping made me smile and realize how rusty I had become. I still have a long way to go as a 3D modeler even with almost 5 years experience and something I must certainly hone. The model took me 5-6 hours in a single session.