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The Christmas period

This is a short story of neglect, it's been several weeks since my last post and this is due entirely to my own poor time management. Our project is quite transformed from it's last iteration. Having sat down and nailed down several key elements such as narrative, now having split in into five chapters that lead on linearly, we've created a structure to base most of the game on, this informing different levels, stories and game-play decisions. We feel that our basis for the narrative is strong and coupled with our desired focus of an uplifting experience gives us a direction to work in and a cohesion that we've needed. We spent some more time in London in the middle of December and we learnt the value of prototyping ideas and how doing this quickly is very useful to creating better things.

Getting a fixed narrative design gave us a frame to work from, having too many floating elements to the project although giving us more creative freedom gave us no direction at all and a foundation was key to progressing from this stage. With The narrative down, I delegated tasks and we moved forward in separate fields. Ella working on Characters and some visual styling choices, me on environment. Dean on prototyping movement and several key game elements such as camera and getting my white-boxes working and mechanics with Bernie.

Over the holidays I've been working on finessing some narrative elements but primarily working on the environment design. Getting the primary locations/towns to a white box stage that feel and look good is my primary task. Other than that I have been working on small elements and considerations, I will be moving over to music considerations after the environment work is complete ~


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