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The transition to phase three

Phase two was difficult as I couldn't find a theme to settle on, finally settling on detail and the impact of small things and what they can achieve together - I settled on this late and had little time to fully go into this, I liked the subject, switching from the concept of intrinsic value to other ideas, from post apocalypses to individualism and and the ability to be unique back to value to detail. I wasn't overly worried about the direction as I knew I'd know what I want when I found it and although late I finally found it and after a short time I'm glad I put the work into searching for something I found passion in. I saw this as more of a methodology of thinking, something to think about, its point is subtlety and thus becoming a primary theme takes away what makes it special so it wasn't made to be taken forward in that respect. As phase three drew to a close I decided to leave all my work so far behind completely, it was interesting and I enjoyed it and I believe it put me in a good place to go forward from. It can be applied to other aspects and can be applied to design practices, especially attention to detail and understanding of value. I wanted to work on another persons idea, and develop something in a team as I believe better ideas are cultivated this way.

Although initially people considered working in a large team of up to 7, this split up into several smaller divisions and I had to make a decision where I would want to go, I took the weekend to decide and although my priority is to work on a 3D project I also want to create something good in 3D, so I choose to Pick Ella's team comprised of Ella, Dean and Bernie. I think this is a strong team in both design and development with skills ranging from 3D programming to 2D illustration, I have worked with Ella previously several times and I look forward to working with Dean and Bernie. I think we can create something new and exciting.

To start of, Ella's theme was loneliness, this is quite an interesting theme so I am interested to work on it. I'm not too sad about leaving my theme behind for this as I feel it's generally stronger and the research is more concrete. The first objective is getting caught up with Ella on her outlook and research and then beginning to ideate and look at different approaches. We will begin to develop a structure around this and how we might ideate as a group, I think podcasts/ an audio recording series would be a good idea and a convenient way to record conversations and tangents of thought/experiences. That pretty much wraps up the transition from phase two to phase three. It certainly hasn't been easy and phase two is something I'd glad is over, research is still one of my least favorite sections of design.