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GOODBYE, HELIOS. by james reads

One of my first interests came in the form of value, I wanted to work with one subject that I felt meant something and this is somewhat ironic as the concept of value is essentially the meaning and importance of something. I was primarily interested in intrinsic value rather than moral value, such subjects are overused and I dislike moral based games as I feel they push you into making an artificially correct decision that isn't really a decision because the game will punish you otherwise thus I began work with value.

This interested me because I was curious to know what drives us forward, what makes us get up every day and work towards a goal, and although I myself sometimes struggle to answer this question I think value has something to do with it, we value things and either wish to obtain other things to value or prevent the loss of other things, for example, most people do not want to intentionally lose close friendships or argue with family as they value this, or for example break their favorite mug as they value it. This bond interests me as well as how this changes, we are ever changing creatures and this bond adjusts everyday. We grow away from our childhood toys until they are meaningless to us while we grow closer to other things and then again we repeat this cycle. This is really interesting as this is completely different for every person, no one person values the same things and even if they did, They would value them differently due to subjectivity, in a sense, value informs actions and actions dictates value. Script from my value presentation in phase one:


Value is an interesting concept, we assign value to everything we encounter, objects, people, beliefs and behaviours, and I’m primarily talking about ethics based value. There are actually many different forms of value, ethical value associated with people and more conventional value assignment but there are other forms. Social imagery value is relating to group or culture based laws and rules, for example, a large business or religion. The Theory of value can refer to economic value, similar to social value but primarily denoting to materialistic interest, there are other forms of interest however these are less relevant to my interests.

Value is interesting, we usually have two forms of ethical value, instrumental and intrinsic, and these are both important but for different reasons ironically instrumental value is the liking of something because it affords you something else; for example, I really like coffee, which means I also like kettles, because a kettle is a means to make coffee. While intrinsic value refers to directly liking something, I like this painting or watch because it brings me instant happiness. You like it for what it is; the two can sometimes be difficult to differentiate. However these categories aren’t mutually exclusive as a mix of both can also cause us to put value into something.

Value as defined by this guy Plato, the Greek philosopher in his dialogue Protagoras. He believed value is based on pleasure verses pain, two of the most basic human traits, simplified this became defined as pleasure being intrinsically good and pain as intrinsically bad. Naturally this is only one defining method that we use to assign value however one of the key issues with defining value is subjectivity. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

In fact in a paper on the subject of values; Barry Stroud a Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley wrote that the philosophical study of value is difficult due to the fact that evaluation on the subject usually leads to subjectivism which as he puts it, “obliterates the very phenomenon we attempt to understand”

Thus this leads us to an understanding that ethical value is hard to define and even harder to quantify. Ending with a quote from Milton Rokeach a Polish-American psychologist who holds the believe that value is “an intervening variable that shows the promise of being able to unify the apparent diverse interests of all the sciences concerned with human behavior”

Things I like: A deep topic that could reach a lot of people, something that everyone can relate to

Things I dislike: Trying to avoid the generic and could make for a boring game.