Sounds can make us feel all kinds of things, it’s used in so many different ways that when we find somewhere without it feels wrong. When looking at importance, we look to our senses to perceive information and this gives us an understanding of reality as we see it. Sound works differently to physical imagery, it represents a place in time, a fleeting moment rather than an immortalised image. Live music is never exactly the same two times in a row making every performance unique, this is part of the beauty of sound. When looking at sound in regards to detail, it is made up of a complex of sounds that comes together to create a cohesive piece.

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Silence in music

Empty bars of music are common and silence sets the boundaries for the beginning and end of a piece of music.


A caesura marks a transitional silence between musical sentences, while a Fermata marks a hold, pause or stop within music,


Silence becomes one of the subtle elements used to create music, it is not simply an absence of sound but part of the picture. A nice quote from an interesting article on the subject “Silence isn't just the canvas upon which music is painted. It's one of the colours on the composer's palette”



Sound Artists​

I have selected some sound artists that look at more than simply creating music for the purpose of pleasing listeners - They tell a story through their music using small details and with a purpose

John Cage


An American avant-garde artist helped to revolutionise modern music, however, the work I am primarily interested in is his four minutes thirty-three seconds (4'33") and his mentality to music, having composed over 300 pieces of music using multiple different instruments of all shapes and sizes, even objects such as bathtubs and cacti, 4'33" is three movements of silence, He believed that musical emotions should not be dictated by a composer but by the sound itself, thus his concept was that music and silence are the same and so the creation of 4'33" This article has a more detailed description.














This is an interesting contrast with the idea of silence within music, it takes the idea that music is just a distraction.

Oskar Schuster



A German composer that builds his music around a fairytale-like world with hints of childhood memories and imagery. Using foley sound, music boxes ticking clocks, he develops a world of detail around his music that attracts and wraps the world in a familiar scene.

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