During Phase three I was elected team leader for this project, we will be following Ella's vision and original plans and I will defer to her in regards to the feel and plan for the game, however, team management and how we will structure and manage our time will be my responsibility. 


I had the idea of recording our conversations with podcasts, an audio recording spanning several hours that we can look back to for notes as well as acting as a progress update on the project. This was decided in week one and although a shaky start we feel that this is a useful method of recording information and we will continue to use it for the forseeable furture

Google sprint

For phase three we are using the 5 day Google sprint design methodology, over three weeks we will test our three ideas within loneliness and attempt to generate games from them. The first two days spent generating game ideas, collating and discussing on Wednesday and Tuesday and Friday prototyping and polishing the ideas.

Goals of the  project

  • Create something we're all happy with

  • Create something that tests our skills as game makers and something that can work for everyone's portfolio

  • Create something that works with Ella's original vision and theme of loneliness​

  • Develop something that could be published