Themes of loneliness

Loneliness is a vast subject and after looking through Ella's research and spending time looking into areas as a team we settled on three main interpretations and ways to look at the subject, these will be our lenses in which we develop ideas from

Theme 1

This theme of loneliness looks at the idea of indirect connectivity, a subtle look at how we people impact each other without making direct contact. This has connections towards legacy however also follows an ideology of working towards a common goal, passing the baton or influencing others with actions. This as with all the themes are open to interpretation.

Theme 2ā€‹

Communication is the key to building relationships and thus the key to overcoming loneliness, this theme looks at how communication can be used and omitted to build connections with other people, creating bonds or emphasizing the lack of them.

Theme 3ā€‹

This theme is the absence of people and how this is the causation of loneliness, goals lose meaning, tasks are menial and it's easy to feel lost and swallowed in a large world as experiences not shared are only half experienced


After having several discussions that we had stemming from the first episode of the podcast, we decided on these themes, we chose them because they all showed promise in regards to generating a strong game, some lean more towards certain types of games and we were aware of this before we started. For example. Communication lends itself to a strong narrative to carry it while others may lean more towards other fields, mechanics etc. It's difficult to say where we'll end up, ideally, a strong mix of everything would be the best option in my opinion however time will tell