Week 1

5th Nov

Being the first week on the team looking at the loneliness theme, we spent much of this week catching up on Ella's research, understanding her vision and building a structure for how we want to look at ideas. We started our first week of podcasts and individually undertook research in respective fields that interested us.


This week I focused on catching up, a lot of research had already been done and with a rough vision already outlined, our job as a team was more finessing that finding new research topics. From Ella's research I specifically liked this passage from page 24, "God so created man in such as way that he is forced into fellowship with others of his own kind"

clip 1.jpg

This interested me because I like the idea that we've come to depend on it due to becoming used to it, we look for people naturally and have become a social species unintentionally.

Henry Darger served as inspiration, having spent much of his life in solitude created hundreds of pieces of artwork and thousands of pages of story. 

Some useful Text pointed out by Ella and marked by colour


After our week one podcast discussion, I began to look into the idea of empty multiplayer games, they are either old or unpopular and thus unplayed, I'm interested in the idea of players either returning to this experience or new players joining, from personal experience with dead servers on Minecraft and Rust where other player's buildings, houses and experiences remain but alas no players to be seen. The interest stems from players having experiences and then leaving forever, leaving something behind from their time playing. There's something beautiful and sad about this, the joy of the experience and the sadness of never being able to meet them or truly relive it. 



There are even threads on Reddit dedicated to reviving old games by returning to them and helping the game bring in new players.



Every year, dark souls one has a community introduced event called a return to Lordran, as the servers are relatively empty on the first game, this event encourages players to create a new character and run through the game again.


This subject is interesting and catching up on things that Ella has looked at has inspired some ideas of where we could take the project