Week 3​

19th Nov

This week was spent focusing on our second theme of communication, This lens focuses around the idea that communication is the key to understanding one another. This is an interesting theme and from an initial perspective I believed it has great potential for a more narrative-based game, I generally prefer subtlety integrated stories so I wanted to create something that didn't feel too linear, the way I like to tell stories may differ slightly from traditional methods, this is partially why I was so interested in the short story cycles in phase one. This week we realised our ridged structure wasn't working as well as we'd hoped and thus I wanted to experiment with more creative ideas towards the end of the week.

Tower of babel

This was my primary finding in the early stages of week two, this is a story based on the religious text the genesis book, the book includes the story of the tower of Babel, a tower built by all of humanity working together as one cohesive entity using a pre Adamic language that united them, as one they built a city/tower to reach the heavens and it's suggested either depose god or stand alongside him, in the story, God then punished humanity for such an act and introduced the splintering of languages and scattering them across the globe, this prevented communication and the ability to work together. I find this a very interesting story and I like how the concept of true cohesion and unity is impossible as a higher power would not allow it, possibly a reflection of how unachieveable world peace it?


Universal languages


  • Expression

  • Music

  • Tone

  • Instinctual feelings, shadow puppets, imagery/pictures

  • Love?


Situational emotion evoking


Mythology believes in a pre-Adamic language before what was known as the splintering of numerous languages a punishment of God. Tower of Babel


A physical manifestation of a language being torn apart causing loneliness

God also is said to force people to rely on others, exiled to loneliness


Some goal to reconnect a language or creating a new one.

A story about reconnecting a language or finding a new way to communicate? Human will overcome imposed barriers because of an innate desire to be together.


Character growth, companionship?


Multiplayer game?

Communicate via emoting, sign language? Tie word with environment or objects, highlight things associated with word to make connections


Visual illustration of the Tower of Babel

The Polonaise in A♭ Major, Op. 53 (French: Polonaise Héroïque, Heroic Polonaise) for solo piano, was written by Frédéric Chopin in 1842.

The Polonaise in A♭ Major, Op. 53 (French: Polonaise Héroïque, Heroic Polonaise) for solo piano, was written by Frédéric Chopin in 1842.

Quick concept of making note music visually stimulating, creating more distinct shapes to bridge the gap between music and written language


I think using music as a medium could make for an interesting game mechainc