Week 4

26th Nov

This week was dedicated to looking back over the previous two games and working on them while I instructed Bernie and Dean to work on our third idea. I wanted to continue working on the first idea and develop it further, at this point I felt this idea had a lot of potential and our gameplay wasn't making the most of the theme.

Instrument render 3.jpg

3D instrument concepts


I wanted to test out a new possibly sculpting technique and as well as prototype some potential models for the second idea. As Ella was concepting instruments for the second idea I thought this might be a good idea to model. I took a picture of Ella's drawings and started using basic shapes to box out proportions of the model, then manipulating basic vertices to create the bowl like form, I  constructed the arms of the instrument separately using editable spines, essentially 3D pen vectors.  After that I attached them at the end, I then increased the poly count and exported into Mudbox, within this software I sculpted away the hard edges and created a hand painted look or that it was made out of clay. The mode wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad for a first attempt.

Revising idea 1


During the last week of the project, we split up and looked at different games, I wanted to take a look at developing idea one, unfortunately I didn't get far, and after experimenting with some environments, mechanics and integrating a core narrative I decided to give up with the idea and work on the second


Most of this week was spent revising and testing elements of game idea 1, I worked with a winter based idea to track footsteps and how this might integrate into a time mechanic however this didn't feel like the right direction to take the project in, although I feel it had potential after a week without getting anywhere I feel that this idea should be dropped